PHII can also provide mold training and certification for mold inspection (mold assessment) and mold remediation. The Mold Certification Course Package contains 4 courses: Residential Mold Inspection (CRMI), Commercial Mold Inspection (CCMI), Mold Remediation (CMR), and Mold Remediation Protocols.

This course package teaches you everything you need to know to conduct professional mold inspection and mold sampling according to nationally accepted standards. The courses are based on the mold guidelines from the EPA and the mold inspection standards from NAMRI, the National Association of Mold Remediators & Inspectors.

For more information about mold training and certification, please visit the link below.

Mold inspection remediation training

Mold Licensing in Illinois
The state of Illinois does not have a specific license for mold inspectors, remediators, or mold assessors. Most often, the requirement for mold certification is imposed by the homeowner's insurance company or lending agent. The certification that you get after completing the mold training course is accepted by all major insurance companies! Becoming certified to do mold inspections can be a great addition to a home inspector's list of services.