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Home Inspector Certification Course

Home Inspector Certification Course Online Training & Certification
The Home Inspector Certification Course package contains both the Basic Home Inspector Certification Course for home inspectors (90 hours) as well as the Free Advanced Course (32 hours). After completing the courses and performing the 5 inspection events, you will be qualified and prepared to take the Illinois Home Inspector Exam to become a licensed home inspector in IL.

The interactive certification courses contain text, audio, video, images, diagrams, flashcards for memorization, and online quizzes/exams that provide you the approved certification for the pre-licensing requirement for inspectors in IL. You'll take the courses online. Then, after you've completed the online course, you are required to do 5 inspection events with a licensed inspector in IL and pass the state exam to become licensed.

Basic Course Lessons: 
1. Common Terminology
2. Limits and Exclusions
3. Site, Grounds, Grading
4. Exterior & Structure
5. Roof Components
6. Plumbing Systems
7. Electrical Systems
8. Attic Inspection
9. Insulation & Ventilation
10. Interior Components
11. Bathrooms & Kitchen
12. Basement & Crawlspace
13. Heating/Air Conditioning
14. Garage and Carport
15. Conducting an Inspection
16. Setting up your business
17. Equipment and supplies
18. Taxes, Licenses, Permits
19. Record Keeping
20. Advertising & Marketing

BONUS: Help Marketing Your Business
After completing the course, Professional Home Inspection Institute gives you bonus offers to help you market your home inspection business. Bonus offers after completing the course and becoming certified include:

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